Get a premium rate number easily. Even better than that!

Colls makes it easy to charge for your time, per minute or per consultation. No need for a number, just a link!


What is Colls?

Colls is the universal solution for receiving calls and getting paid, voice calls or video calls, on your computer or directly on your phone thanks to our mobile application. Colls allows you to charge per minute in a modern way

How does Colls work for you?

  1. Create your account & fill in your profile

  2. Choose your prices, phone or video, per minute or per consultation.

  3. All you have to do is share your link or tell your customers to find you on the Colls app.

  4. Then withdraw the money you earn at your convenience

You can make your calls directly from the Colls app or from your computer. You receive a notification every time you make an appointment or when you receive a call.

A service tailored to all industries

Find out how Colls can help your business generate additional revenue, improve work processes and simplify time billing.