How to Charge for Phone or Video Coaching?

With the rise of the digital age, coaching via phone or video conference has become more prevalent. Whether you are a life coach, professional mentor, or sports trainer, figuring out how to effectively charge for these sessions can sometimes be a challenge. But worry not, we are going to explore the traditional methods of charging and an innovative alternative, the Colls app, which might just solve all your billing issues.

The Challenges of Traditional Billing Methods

Charging by Duration

One of the most common methods for charging coaching services is to charge based on the duration of the session. For example, if you charge 60 euros per hour, a 90-minute coaching session would cost 90 euros. However, this method can prove to be tricky, especially if sessions regularly run over time, necessitating additional billing or rate adjustments.


Another option is to offer packages. You might offer a pack of 5 or 10 sessions at a fixed price. While this might seem like a good idea at first glance, it should be noted that this method requires your clients to commit upfront for multiple sessions, which might not be ideal for everyone.

Billing and Payment Issues

Once the session is over, the billing begins. This involves creating and sending an invoice to your client, who then needs to pay it. This process can be time-consuming and tedious, not to mention that some clients may delay paying or forget to do so altogether. This can result in a loss of precious time in follow-ups and cash flow management.

Colls: A Modern Solution to an Age-Old Problem

Fortunately, there's a solution that can simplify the billing and payment process: the Colls app.

How Does Colls Work?

Colls is an app that allows professionals to monetize their time spent on phone or video calls. After creating an account, you get a unique link that you can share with your clients. They can then call you directly and pay per minute, or book a time slot.

The Benefits of Colls

Using Colls offers several advantages that can make billing much simpler and more efficient:

  1. Pre-emptive Payment: With Colls, the amount is preauthorized on the client's card even before the call begins. This means you are assured of getting your payment at the end of the call, without having to go through the invoicing process.

  2. Flexibility: Whether you want to charge per minute or per session, Colls offers the flexibility to adapt to your needs.

  3. Low Commission Rate: Unlike many other services, Colls only takes a 15% commission on each call, leaving you with a larger share of your earnings.


Charging for phone or video coaching can be a hassle, but with tools like Colls, it can become much simpler and more efficient.

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