How to Create a Premium Rate Number: Costs, Providers, and Alternatives

As the digital era continues to progress, the need for smooth and efficient communication has become a foundational component of any business. But how does one create a premium rate number? What are the associated costs and which providers should one choose? Are there more modern and cost-effective alternatives? Let's delve into this in more detail.

Creating a Premium Rate Number

What is a Premium Rate Number?

A premium rate number is a special phone number that allows businesses to charge their customers for the calls they make. These additional charges are typically billed per minute or per call.

How to Create a Premium Rate Number?

Creating a premium rate number generally involves reaching out to a telecommunications operator or a specialized company that offers this kind of service. The exact steps can vary, but generally, it will involve signing a contract, choosing a number, and setting call rates.

Costs Associated with a Premium Rate Number

Initial Costs and Recurring Fees

When creating a premium rate number, several costs need to be considered. There may be initial setup fees, recurring monthly fees, and costs related to maintaining the number. Additionally, one should also take into account the commissions that are typically taken from each call.

The Cost of Commission

In terms of commission, premium rate number providers can take between 30% and 50% of the revenue generated. This means that if you generate 4000 euros a month, you might end up with only 2000 euros, once the commission is deducted.

Premium Rate Number Providers

There are numerous premium rate number providers, each offering different services, rates, and cost structures. When choosing a provider, it's important to conduct thorough research and compare offers to find the one that best suits your needs and budget.

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Colls, the simplest way to bill your time

Charge per-minute or per appointment your audio or video calls

Alternatives to Premium Rate Numbers: The Colls App

While premium rate numbers can provide a solution for charging for calls, they are not without drawbacks. Fortunately, there are alternatives, like the Colls app, that offer a more modern and economical solution.

How Does Colls Work?

Colls is an app that allows users to monetize their time on phone or video calls. After creating an account, the user receives a unique link that they can share with their clients. The clients can then call them directly and pay per minute, or book a specific time slot.

The Benefits of Colls

The main advantage of Colls is its low commission rate. Unlike premium rate number providers, Colls only takes a 15% commission on each call. This means that if you generate 4000 euros a month with Colls, you end up with nearly 3500 euros, a significantly higher amount than what you would have with a premium rate number.

Moreover, Colls, being based on a link rather than a phone number, offers ease of retention and sharing, and allows clients to easily find the user on the app. It's a more modern, simpler to use option, and provides more control over the rates.


Creating a premium rate number is an option for businesses looking to charge for their phone services. However, given the high costs and substantial commissions, alternatives like Colls deserve consideration.

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